lid to lid, nose to nose (a poem)

I wrote a draft of this poem in 2015, but now it has transformed with more purpose.

To baby Layal at 8 months:

lid to lid, nose to nose

When she lifts her lily lashes,
iridescent irises and
dark pupils in constant
subtle motion,
I’m breathless
falling softly, slowly, into
a window to her worries
and her wisdom.
Words of not yet spoken dreams
speak to me.
Electric lines running
lid                      to                      lid
conduct her tears,
irrigate gardens which thrive in the
indentations of her dimples.

Our connection is timeless,
frozen and spinning
at once.

She blinks—
a quiet question lingering
just below the surface of crinkled brows.
I remember to breathe and
nose to nose,
I expose my dreams,
to her


I am, etc.


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