Spellbound Children’s Bookshop and Haiku Night

Today after running some errands, Layal and I dropped by The Hop for some ice cream (1/2 Salted Caramel + 1/2 Mocha Oreo, I know you were wondering). If you are reading this from out of town, just note that this is a must try on your next visit to Asheville.

After Layal (literally) shed a few tears when there was no more ice cream, we headed upstairs to Spellbound Children’s Bookshop.  This was my first time at Spellbound and what a sweet surprise it was! The little shop is completely kid-centered with a wide variety of books organized by age range and genre. Although my heart usually tugs for YA lit, Layal and I headed to the baby/toddler room to check out the board books. We are sooo not ready for anything chewable. There was a huge variety of new and classic baby books as well as some toys and super cute gear. I still have my eye on an Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar tote bag and all the reading themed onesies!

Layal made a bunch of cute noises, I swooned over an Anne of Green Gables baby book, and then we finally narrowed it down and purchased Betsy Snyder’s Haiku Night board book. Snyder is an award-winning author and illustrator but this was my first experience with her work. The book was thoughtfully placed in a cute bag with a Spellbound Sticker inside (presumably to put your child’s name in the cover) and we were on our way.

After reading it a few times this afternoon and at bedtime, I definitely recommend Haiku Night. (And embarrassingly I did check the syllables of each poem, my inner English teacher couldn’t help it.) The baby was fascinated with the colorful and cozy animal illustrations.  The book also has staggered tabs for each page which made it easier for her to turn the pages herself. I love the whimsical haikus which also feature an excellent pun. The verses lend themselves to a fun reading aloud experience. Layal stood and clapped as I read “ready, get set, GLOW”. Haiku Night and many other wonderful books are available for purchase at Spellbound Children’s Bookstore on Merrimon Avenue. It always feels great to support your local bookstores!


Shoutout to Auntie Saja for the bunny pacifier

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