Paint Nite at Wild Wing Cafe

This week Vern, my good friend and fellow teacher, and I tried out a Paint Nite class for the first time. We had been discussing going for awhile and came across a Groupon for an Asheville Paint Nite class at 44% off ($45 tickets marked down to $25). I had not used the website in at least a year or more but in the past few months Groupon has aggressively targeted me online. At one point they were emailing me almost every week with a code for $10 off any Groupon with no minimum. I’m sorry / not sorry that their marketing worked because I am back on the bandwagon and checking the app frequently (and of course there are no more $10 email codes in my inbox).

Paint Nite and other similar classes (Wine and Design, Paint Bug, Painting with a Twist, etc.) have become increasingly popular in the last few years. A ticket to one of these classes covers all materials and for an instructor to lead the group in recreating the featured painting. The paintings are posted on the company’s website ahead of time. Classes are often advertised as a fun night out where you can paint with your friends and drink alcohol.

This last piece was the only part about going to Paint Nite that I was a bit nervous about. I have seen many advertisements for these types of classes that heavily focus on the drinking aspect. I do not drink and thought it might be awkward to be the only person in the room refraining. However, I am so glad that it was not like that at all! There was a waiter available all evening to order food or drinks if you wanted but zero pressure to paint and drink.

The Paint Nite class we attended was hosted at Wild Wing Cafe in Arden. We arrived earlier than the 7 PM start to have dinner. Next time, I would definitely recommend asking to eat in the dining room where Paint Nite is set up. There is a beautiful view of Lake Julien (without the smokestack) and I missed out while painting because I was too focused!

All of the supplies were already set up in the dining room and our host, Tammra, gave us aprons to protect our clothes. After repeating a promise to not criticize our own or others work, we were ready to begin. She led us step by step in completing a painting titled “Midnight Reflections.” Tammra had a microphone and painted alongside the group. Throughout the class she would walk around to give advice, show her work as an example, and take pictures for their Facebook page. The format of the class made creating a cool painting possible even for beginners. The two hours flew by, we had a great time, and our paintings came out awesome! I would definitely recommend Paint Nite as a stress-free and fun night out (especially when it is your first baby-free evening in *months*).

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